4 Facts About Music Genres

As you might know, there are different types of music genres out there today some ranging from the modern to ancient times. Each music genre has interesting facts that most people didn’t know. The different music genres include funk, jazz, classical, hip hop, punk, rock, tango, soul music, gospel music, heavy metal, country, rhythm, and blues.

Below are some interesting facts about five music genres.

Punk rock

The genre of the rock music was introduced late in 1970 and it featured themes on social and political critiques. After 10 years of the punk rock genre, it was later divided into sub-genres which included Britpop, new wave, indie rock and post-punk – read this article on different genres of rock music.

An interesting fact about jazz music

Nobody knows the root of the word jazz. As a matter of fact, the word “jazz” was considered slang in the earlier times and it would be pronounced differently. There are theories that are associated with this genre and its naming and one of them was that it emanated from a baseball term which was used to mean vim or fighting spirit. Another theory has it that is was an African slang word that had different sexual connotations.

What people don’t know about the hip hop music genre

It has a birthday which is on 11 August 1973. There was a lad who went by the name Herc who threw a party on the same day and from the event’s activities hip hop was born.

Country music

Known to be soft and more soothing because the songs have simple structures and wordings which makes it easy to memorize. They have a simple storyline that is easy to follow and sing along to. This is the secret behind why most people keep records of this genre.